Wednesday, 28 April 2010

نهر فى كولومبيا يعتبر اجمل نهر فى العالم The Rainbow River - 12

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The Rainbow River or Cano Cristales river is located near the town of La Macarena in Colombia.
It is about 20-meter-wide, 100-meter-long and you can enjoy watching it by riding a horse via travel tour agencies.
Between the dry and rainy reasons, this river converts into colorful Eden due to the algae which rest in its bottom.
This splendid phenomenon lasts for few days and the colors of this river ranges from blue, to green and red. The sunlight and the river’s flow create beautiful shades of these colors.

11- جزيرة فى تايلندا جزيرة السلحفاة

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جزيرة في تايلندا على شكل سلحفاة

Sunday, 25 April 2010

10- صور من المناطق الاثرية المصرية

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هرم الملك خوفو

أحد عجائب الدنيا السبع , شيد سنة 2650 ق.م تقريباً , ويعد يعتبرأعظم بناء حجري في العالم،

مركب خوفو

مسجد محمد على باشا

تمثال ابو الهول
قد قام الملك خفرع بنحت التمثال الضخم " أبو الهول " بوجة انسان وجسم أسد رابض بقرب الاهرام منذ نحو 4500 عام كان معظم الوقت مدفونا حتى رقبته في الرمال التي حمته غوائل الزمن.

هرم سقارة

أقيم فيها أول بنيان حجرى فى العالم وهو هرم سقارة المدرج الذى بناه الملك زوسر عام 2816 ق م

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

9- Hong Kong

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Hong Kong began as a coastal island geographically located in southern China. While small settlements had taken place in the Hong Kong region, with archaeological findings dating back thousands of years, regularly written records were not made until the engagement of Imperial China and the British colony in the territory. Starting out as a fishing village, salt production site and trading ground, it would evolve into a military port of strategic importance and eventually an international financial centre that enjoys the world's 6th highest GDP (PPP) per capita, supporting 33% of the foreign capital flows into China.