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Malaysia Resorts

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Islands in Malaysia offer some of the most spectacular scenery and most relaxing atmospheres in the country. Coastal areas allow for easy transportation to other points of interest while resorts in areas such as the Borneo rainforest are where nature lovers can see an incredible amount of exotic flora and fauna. With a variety of areas to choose from, Malaysia resorts offer chance to many different sides of the region.

Malacca Water City is one of the great Malaysia resorts located in Malacca and offering an array of activities and sights. Unique architecture sets it apart and professionally landscaped gardens flank the area providing a pleasing tropical background with many things to do. Five-star facilities including terrific dining are perfect added touches. This family-friendly destination offers activities including kayaking, boating, tennis, cycling, fishing, swimming and more. Malaysia spa services are also available for a rejuvenating experience.

This Malaysia resorts accommodations are situated in spacious apartment-style units that include a dining room, living room and bedrooms making it perfect for families. Excellently appointed suites come in a variety of one bedroom, two-bedroom and three bedrooms with all facing the attractive lake. Amenities include TV and in-room movies, microwave, refrigerator, electric kettle, coffee making facilities and king and single beds. The 140,000 square foot swimming pool is a big hit.

Pula Arena Croatia

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Pula is one of Croatia’s many happily sleepy and perfectly enjoyable small cities. It is marked out from the rest, however, due to the magnificent arena that can be found here. For decades, historians, architects, and humble vacationers have made a beeline for the arena in Pula Croatia, which is the only surviving Roman amphitheatre that has all four side towers intact. The Pula Arena is thus a lasting testament to the mastery of Roman architecture. But this is more than just a historically important artifact: The arena at Pula is also a magnificent edifice that’s as pleasing to the eyes as it is interesting to the mind. Whether or not you’re interested in ancient architecture, the Pula Arena is a must-see attraction in Croatia.

Also referred to as the Pula Colosseum, the arena hails from the somewhere between the first and second centuries AD. Since then it’s gone through various renovations and structural changes; the amphitheatre began life as a timber construct, before being reinforced by stone sometime around the fifth century AD. The structure vacationers can see today is composed only of stone, and it’s remarkably well-maintained, given its age.

The great minster Zurich

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The Grossmünster ("great minster") is a Romanesque-style church that played an important role in the history of the Protestant Reformation. It is one of the three major churches of Zürich (the others being the Fraumünster and St. Peterskirche). The core of the present building near the banks of the Limmat River was constructed on the site of a Carolingian church, which was, according to legend, originally commissioned by Charlemagne. Construction of the present structure commenced around 1100 and it was inaugurated around 1220. 

On an open terrace above the river stands Zurich's principal church, the Grossmünster (Protestant), which dominates the city with its twin towers (domed tops added in 1782). Built between the 11th and the 13th C., it is a Romanesque three-aisled galleried basilica with an aisleless chancel over a crypt of about 1100. The upper levels of the towers date from 1487.

The Oslo Fjord Norwegian

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The Oslofjord is not a fjord in the geological sense - in Norwegian the term "fjord" can refer to a wide range of waterways. The bay is divided into the inner (indre) and outer (ytre) Oslofjord at the point of the 17 km long and narrow Drobaksundet. In the summer there are boats of all sizes on the fjord, and it is possible to go kayaking, canoeing, fishing, and sailing. There are many activities for both adults and children.

The Oslofjord (Norwegian: Oslofjorden) is an inlet in the south-east of Norway, stretching from an imaginary line between the Torbjørnskjær and Færder lighthouses and down to Langesund in the south to Oslo in the north. It is part of the Skagerrak strait, connecting the North Sea and the Kattegat sea area, which leads to the Baltic Sea. The Oslofjord is not a fjord in the geological sense - in Norwegian the term "fjord" can refer to a wide range of waterways. The bay is divided into the inner (indre) and outer (ytre) Oslofjord at the point of the 17 km long and narrow Drøbaksundet.

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Zacaton Cenote Mexico

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Zacaton cenote is a natural pool for traveler 'crazy'. Obviously only, besides because it is difficult-reach, its water also judged not feasible to be enjoyed. Zacaton Cenote has a water which originating from various wastes. Uniquely, it actually looks pretty pool.

Zacaton Cenote is located in the city of Aldama, the northeastern state of Tamaulipas, Mexico. Being in between hill karst, makes pool this is difficult which to dive. Zacaton Cenote also known as the natural pond most in a in the world.
Indeed, no one would have to go into it, remember this pool containing waste. However, NASA tried to sink the robot to know the depth of this pool. The robot successfully detected that Zacaton Cenote has a depth of 339 meters.

Although it has derived from the waste water, the pool still has an amazing sight. In addition, Cenote Zacaton also odorless. So do not be surprised if the waste pool are included in one of the most beautiful natural pool in the world.

Le Morne Brabant

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Le Morne Brabant is a peninsula at the extreme south-western tip of the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius on the windward side of the island. It is highlighted by an eponymous basaltic monolith with a summit 556 metres (1,824 ft) above sea level. The summit covers an area of over 12 hectares (30 acres). 
There are many caves and overhangs on the steep slopes. It is largely surrounded by a lagoon and is a well known tourist attraction. It is also a refuge for two rare plants, the Mandrinette and, growing only on the sides of the mountain, the Boucle d'Oreille.

The peninsula was notorious in the early 19th century as a refuge for runaway slaves. After the abolition of slavery on Mauritius, on 1 February 1835 a police expedition traveled there to inform the slaves that they had been freed.

However, the purpose of the expedition was misunderstood and the slaves leapt to their deaths from the rock.[citation needed] Since then the date is celebrated by Mauritian creoles as the Annual Commemoration of the Abolition of Slavery.

 Le Morne Brabant is a UNESCO World Heritage site, it is a peninsula in Mauritius. What is so special or interesting about this tourist attraction of Mauritius is the single standing basaltic rock of 1821 feet above sea level. This place is surrounded by lagoons and is home for certain rarest plant species of the world like Mandrinette and Trochetia boutoniana.

Uummannaq is a city in Western Greenland

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Uummannaq is a town in the Qaasuitsup municipality, in northwestern Greenland. With 1,299 inhabitants as of 2010, it is the eleventh-largest town in Greenland, and is home to the country's most northerly ferry terminal. Founded in 1763 as Omenak, the town is a hunting and fishing base, with a canning factory and a marble quarry.

Uummannaq is located 590 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle on Uummannaq Island located in the south-central arm of the Uummannaq Fjord. Uummannaq is also the general name given to the series of inlets north of the promontory at Niaqornat on the Nuussuaq Peninsula.

 Uummannaq is a city in Western Greenland. The city can be experienced on foot. The surrounding region can in the summer be visited by boat, and in winter by dogsled or snowmobile. Dog sleds are used during the winter months to travel around the city, to fishing sites, and to the nearby settlements. Travelers can experience the midnight sun in Uummannaq from May 17th to July 28th.

Nuuk is the capital of Greenland

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Nuuk is the capital and largest city of Greenland. It is the seat of government, as well as the country's largest cultural and economic center. The major cities closest to the capital are Iqaluit and St. John's in Canada, and Reykjavík in Iceland.

Nuuk is the seat of government for the Sermersooq municipality. In January 2010, it had a population of 15,469, making it one of the smallest capital cities in the world by population.

Nuuk is the Kalaallisut word for "cape". It is so named because of its position at the end of the Nuup Kangerlua fjord on the eastern shore of the Labrador Sea.

 Nuuk is the capital of Greenland. It is situated at the mouth of the Nuup Kangerlua inlet on the west coast of Greenland, about 150 miles (240 km) south of the Arctic Circle. The city was founded in 1728 by the Norwegian missionary Hans Egede when Greenland was a Norwegian colony under the Dano-Norwegian Crown. Today Nuuk as the rest of Greenland is populated by Inuit and Danes.

The site has a long history of habitation. The area around Nuuk was first occupied by the ancient pre-Inuit, Paleo-Eskimo people of the Saqqaq culture as far back as 2200 BC when they lived in the area around the now abandoned settlement of Qoornoq. For a long time it was occupied by the Dorset culture around the former settlement of Kangeq but they disappeared from the Nuuk district before AD 1000.

 The Nuuk area was later inhabited by Viking explorers in the 10th century, and shortly thereafter by Inuit peoples.[4] Inuit and Norsemen both lived with little interaction in this area from about 1000 until the disappearance of the Norse settlement for uncertain reasons during the 15th century.

The Church Of Hallgrimur Iceland

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The Church of Hallgrimur Majestic is a Lutheran parish church which is extremely tall and its height is calculated to be about 74.5 meters. This church is a symbol of Iceland’s golden past and it is a crown of Reykjavik which is the capital of Iceland. It is the largest church in Iceland and the seating capacity includes around 1200 people. The construction of this building took many years and there was also some controversy involving the building in the initial years.

The construction of the church began in 1945 and took nearly 38 years to complete the whole building. The landmark tower of the building was completed much before the whole building. So, now let me tell you about some essential features of this great structure.

Aalborg Zoo Denmark

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Aalborg Zoo as the name indicates is located in the Aalborg city of Denmark. It is considered to be one of the most wonderful areas. The zoo is the integral part of the Aalborg Park and it is visited by thousands of visitors every year. The main aim of creating the zoo was to preserve the nature and the animal species that are threaten and can extinct.

The zoo is a very large one that is spread in an area of nine acres consisting of about 1200 animals and 138 species. Though the zoo is run by the government but still there is a fee charged for visiting the zoo. When this zoo was created it was the first ever zoo in the world that got ISO certification from the environmental and the safety management. Outside the zoo there’s a parking lot which can accommodate about 500 vehicles.

Apart from the different kinds of animals the zoo is very popular for the giraffes. Though there are less giraffe in the zoo but is the most attracting feature for the tourists. There are about eight species of the Rothschild giraffe while the twelve of them are wild. It is really a fascinating experience to watch them because they are rarely found in zoo.

The zoo consists of green forest which is spread in several acres of land.  The green environment helps in providing fresh air to the animals and also to the visitors. There are tall trees in the zoo which gives an amazing look to it. The backgrounds are like the beautiful backdrops that serve both as beauty feature and also as a source or recreation. Thus one can enjoy the nature’s beauty here along with the wildlife.

Also you can spend some time in the zoo roaming around and watching the activities of the animals.  The trip to the Aalborg zoo can be completed in about four to five hours. Inside the zoo there are restaurants where you can have your lunch and enjoy different food varieties. Apart from visiting the zoo there are perfect accommodation facilities that are budgeted and also reasonable in price. You don’t have to go anywhere but they are located just outside the Aalborg Zoo.

Kayaking the stress busting fun activity gets popular in Kerala

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There are countless ways to beat stress; you can curl up with your favourite book, plan a holiday to a beach resort or hit the bars. However, for something truly interesting and new, check out this fledgling outdoor activity of kayaking in the backwaters of Kochi. Yes, you heard it right the unexplored activity of kayaking in the backwaters of Kochi is finding many new takers including high profile professionals like doctors and techies among others. The delightfully quiet isles of Kothad, Pizhala and Kadamakudi near Ernakulam are all well cut for kayaking.

On popular demand, the organisers, Scuba Cochin, have decided to make their two-and-a-half hour kayaking trips into a weekly event, which is open to 20 people at a time.  Though kayaking is a popular holiday activity in the backwaters of Aleppey, it is a new trend in Cochin, which is attracting not just water sports enthusiasts but also families and youth groups. The best thing about kayaking is that it brings you closer to nature, and it is something that can be done at your own pace.

Though kayaking is a popular event in overseas holiday itineraries, it is a relatively new trend in Kerala. By creating interest in Olympic events like sailing, rowing and kayaking, Kerala can go a long way in tapping the youth potential in these watersports, as well. So next time when you get stressed up with your workload, all you need to do is to plan an interesting spell of kayaking to get refreshed.

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Ketupat War in Bali

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Ketupat war Ceremonial often called Aci Rah Pengangon is a meaningful ceremony to gratitude to Sang Hyang Widhi (God), for the harvest, spared from the drought, as well as prayers invoke the safety and welfare of mankind. Ketupat War ceremony was held in the village of Ships, Badung regency approximately 20 minutes from Bali's capital city Denpasar.
Appearance of war is quite thrilling spectators, because dozens of ketupat which brought the two warring groups, used the tool "Action throwing diamond lasts approximately 30 minutes. 

Sometimes this ketupats "stray" towards the audience or the photographer who was capturing the moment. Even so, no one was angry and when the war ended, everyone shook hands happily tossed "against one to another.
Ketupat War is a form of gratitude from local citizen to Sang Hyang Widhi for great harvest as well as a prayer to avoid desease.

Ketupat War is one of the indigenous traditions of Hindu culture in Bali is quite unique and heritage that is still being carried out hereditary from generation to generation til today. War Ketupat ceremony was first held approximately in 13th century ,celebrated once a year at this time.

Ketupat War is implementation in the beginning with a ceremonial prayer shared by all villagers in the local temple. At the ceremony , while read spell the elder of local holymans splash holy water to all citizens who become participants in Ketupat War and pray to Hyang Widhi so the ceremony become a "succesful War" and provide welfare and safety to all villagers.

Tide pools

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Archipelago are the visible part of various pegunungan terendam.Terdiri of 21, the island of volcanic origin islands and rocks, the island has an area of the main 18 km ² (7.1 mi ²), being 10 km (6.2 miles) long and {{convert | 3 , 5 | km | 2.2 | mi}} width maksimum.Basis of this formation is a very large volcanic 756 m below the main permukaan.Pulau, 

from which the group derives its name, forming 91% of total; island of Rata, Sela Gineta, Cabeluda and Sao Jose, together with the island of Leao and Viúva make high sisanya.Dataran central main island called Quixaba Carlos Secchin, Clovis Barreira e Castro,”Arquipélago de Fernando de Noronha”, 2nd ed.1991.

Kini village in Syros

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Kini is located on the west side of the island of Syros, just 9 km from the capital Ermoupoli. It is a picturesque seaside village with sandy beach which has been awarded the Blue Flag, proof of a clean and well organized beach. 

There you can find taverns, restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy the unique-to-sunset color harmony and the sea view accompanied by coffee or ouzo. Before reaching the village you can visit the monastery of St. Barbara, built in the last century, where you can admire the exceptional images that depict the life of Saint. In the monastery there is also an exhibition of handmade textiles, made with the traditional loom. 

Located about 100 meters from the beach of the village is the “museum of fishing vessels, tools, shells and aquatic organisms,” which is unique of its type in the Cyclades. The cultural life in Kini is quite rich and during summer there are organized various events and reports from the Maritime Cultural Ecology Group Kini. On June 29, there is a feast organized dedicated to St. Peter, a celebration for locals and visitors, that has a great success. The image of St. 

Peter sails by boat in the bay of Kini with escort and other decorated boats. At the festival wine, soup and paella are offered and the party continues with live music, songs and dance. In mid-August the custom of “fotarides” is revived. Each family lits fires in tin cans and decorate their home while the children are responsible for the decoration of the beach and terraces.

Giola Thassos Natural Pool Greece

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The Giola lagoon is a natural lagoon located in the island of Thassos that is carved into the rocks and looks like a swimming pool. 
It is near the village Astris and the access to that place is very difficult. Those who go there they will be rewarded by the amazing and breathtaking view.

Giola Thassos is a stunning natural lagoon, like a swimming pool fixed into the rocks. The water is slightly warmer than the sea, which makes it enjoyable for swimming. The place is unfamiliar and the access there is difficult. 

The view was truly charming and the only thing somebody could hear was all the kind of exclamations. If you visit Athens make sure to stop by the Island of Thassos and experience this wonderful lagoon for yourself.

Yushan National Park Taiwan

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Beautiful Yushan National Park is situated in the Central Mountain Range of Taiwan. The park is centering on Jade Mountain Main Peak. The park covers a huge area of over 105,000 hectares spread out over the four counties of Nantou, Chiayi, Kaohsiung and Hualien. It is a classic subtropical mountainous national park. 

The park includes many habitats ranging from broadleaf forest at lower altitudes to mixed forest, coniferous forest, bamboo, and lastly, at the highest elevations, waist-high arrow bamboo, clumps of conifers, and bare rocky outcrops.

The park also has wide range of flowers which includes azaleas, which flourish in spring, and many colorful alpine blossoms. Yushan National Park is home to a great variety of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and butterflies. Yushan Peaks Trail, Batongguan Japanese Era Cross Hill Trail, Three Mountains of Southern Cross-Island Highway and Guan Mountain Trail, Southern Section Two Trail, Xinkang Mountain Trail and Mabolasi Crossing Trail are the famous trials for hike here. Many Travellers come to hike and walk in these tracks.

Semuc Champey

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Luckily, the beauty of Semuc compensated for the difficulty getting there. In total, our trip to the natural reserve required us to ride a: ferry, van, bus, and pickup truck. Getting from there to our next destination, Belize, added tuk tuk (Guatemalan taxi the size of golf carts) and propeller airplane to our modes of transportation.


At 7 a.m. the day of our trip to Semuc, we left San Pedro La Laguna on the banks of Lake Atitlan. The ferry dropped us in Panajachel, the port town that serves as Atitlan's hub. Along with our German sidekick, Wolfgang, who joined us on the bus to Antigua, we scheduled a 9 a.m. shuttle to Coban, seven hours north and the closest major town to Semuc. On the bus, we met Lutz and Ingo, two other German guys who became our travel companions for the next few days.

 Semuc Champey which means 'holy water' a pool composed of several small ponds. With the combination of a bright green color, has a small waterfall and accompanied by a variety of biological diversity and tropical forests flanking life. The pool of Semuc Champey flow slowly from a rocky plateau, river-Cahabon underground river located at the top of the pool, fused into a single flow along 400 meters down. The existence of cliffs and steep rocks and steep stream pool of Semuc Champey, making it more exotic and wild.

museums of Cologne

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One of the most famous museums of Cologne is the Museum Ludwig, which is one of the ten municipal ones. But there are also many ecclesiastical and private museums in this cathedral city. Once a year in autumn the "Long night of the museums" (November 3rd, 2012) takes place. The museums then open until late at night.

 Cologne city has one of the world's best collections of museums and galleries. Cologne boasts 36 museums and more than 100 art galleries. As well as world class museums of art and archaeology, Cologne offers two museums of ecclesiastical art, both housed in architecturally stunning buildings. There is also an ethnographic museum, a chocolate museum, the German Sport Museum and an abundance of Roman remains.

The City Hall of Brussels

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The City Hall of Brussels is a masterpiece of the Gothic civil architecture of the 15th century. The wealth inside also makes it one of the most luxurious city halls of the country. It possesses an important artistic and historic heritage (paintings, sculptures, tapestries).

Inside the City Hall various styles and time periods mix. The reconstruction by the States of Brabant left us a row of luxurious rooms in the style of Louis XIV at the beginning of the 18th century. Some are used for the meetings of the College and the City Council today.  

 Once in Grand Palace area you will be greeted by the old town hall tower with gothic style. The building was built in the 1400's by architect Jan Van Ruysbrueck architecture. At the top of the tower of the building is a statue of St. Michael who is destroying demons. It is an attractive building with arched windows, towers and adorned with sculptures.

The belfry of Bruges

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The belfry of Bruges, or Belfort, is a medieval bell tower in the historical centre of Bruges, Belgium. One of most famous landmark in the city. 

the belfry formerly housed a treasury and the municipal archives, and served as an observation post for spotting fires and other danger. 

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Singapore Botanic Garden

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This garden is located in the middle of town. This small forest is right next to Gleneagles hospital. Singapore Botanic Gardens has a fairly complete collection of plants. Plants is almost gone or going extinct direservasi here. For admission to the Singapore Botanic Garden is free of charge. 
This garden has an area of ​​approximately 64 acres, in this top tourist attractions you can enjoy the scenery and lush green trees. There is also a swan lake (Swan Lake), located not far from the entrance. The scenery was hard to find in the city of Singapore. The National Orchid Garden is the main attraction within the Botanic Gardens. Located on the mid-western side of the Garden, the hilly three-hectare site has a collection of more than 1,000 species and 2,000 hybrids of orchids.

The gardens include many noted attraction sites like that National Orchid Garden, with over one thousand species of orchids and around two thousand hybrids of orchids. A small tropical rainforest, Ginger Garden, and an entertaining Children’s Garden add to the intricate detail and splendor of the park.

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Gembira Loka Zoo

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Gembiraloka Zoo is located at Jalan Kebun Raya 2, Yogyakarta. The zoo is located about four kilometers from Yogyakarta Passenger Terminal in Giwangan, or six kilometers from Malioboro. To reach this tourist attraction, you can use a variety of public transport in Yogyakarta, such as rickshaw, carriage, bus, Trans Jogja, or taxi. You can alse take a pedicab or horse cart as an option, but it would be costly. If you want to use the city bus, then choose the bus line 9 or 7. And if you prefer to use Trans Jogja, get the bus stop and ride Trans Jogja 1B lane, this will lead you to the bus stop near Gembiraloka Zoo. The entrance fee ticket is varied depend on when you come to visit. On weekdays, starting from Monday to Saturday, the entrance fee ticket is IDR 12,000 while on Sunday & public holidays it is IDR 15,000.

The largest zoo in Java island, with a variety of flora and fauna that you can learn about the life and habitat. Containing a variety of species from around the world, such as the orangutan, Asian elephant, chimpanzees, tigers, and others. Gembira Loka Zoo is the main attraction for tourists in Yogyakarta. Gembira Loka Zoo was badly damaged by the earthquake that rocked the city of Yogyakarta in 2004. However, after the renovation Gembira Loka Zoo remains a favorite among travelers.


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Evidence of a rich historical past is everywhere to see in Montreal. A cultural and architectural wonder for over three centuries, Montreal is Canada’s second largest, but the most cosmopolitan city. It is in Quebec province, and has a large population of French-speakers after Paris. French influence is evident throughout the city. Life is indeed a celebration in Montreal with year-round festivals rejoicing over one or the other aspect of this great city.

For tourists, this city is a treasure mine. With plenty of avenues and more, the tourists are sucked into this whirlwind of places to visit and things to do in this city. You can start your incredible journey of this city by going back in time.

Old Montreal is dotted with historical buildings from the 17-19th century. Simply walk through these buildings and you will feel you have been transported into a different era. At night, you will find most of these buildings lit up beautifully, making the entire scene extremely compelling. Capture these beautiful moments in your camera for posterity.


Montreal is known to leave its visitors speechless with benign atmosphere. Therefore, a place such as the L’Oratoire St.-Joseph du Mont-Royal will only heighten that sentiment. It is built on the site of a chapel that once stood deep inside the woods. A holy place, it is revered by all the residents of Montreal.

Apart from the mass and the choir recitals, it is not uncommon here to see pilgrims coming to pray on their knees. While you are here, you can see the heart of Brother Andre on display here. Brother Andre was the founder of the chapel.

If you want more insight into the history of Montreal, a trip to the Pointe-à-Callière Museum will be a good idea. Permanent displays and rotating exhibits in this Museum tell the story of Montreal’s past – right from the treasures found from excavations in this city to Montreal’s first settlers. Come out of the city’s archaeological past and visit the marvels of the 21st century here.

Visit Downtown Montreal. You can view of the city’s skyline, various churches and museums, as well as educational centers such as the McGill University by walking along this area. If shopping is on your mind, then you should head for Le Plateau. A combination of beautiful residential areas and uber-sophisticated shops make up this area.

Visitors who are looking for a bit of adventure along with some sightseeing need not get disappointed. There are several bike paths in the city that provide a scenic view of the city.

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Great Aletsch Glacier in Switzerland

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 No matter whether you are at Moosfluh, Bettmerhorn or Eggishorn, the view of the Aletsch Glacier is unique: you can admire the glacier from up above with a gorgeous view of the enormous stream of ice. This is quite unusual because anywhere else in the Alps you usually have to look up to a glacier. Another impressive fact about the Aletsch Glacier is its length: at about 23 kilometers (14¼ miles), the Aletsch Glacier is the longest stream of ice in the Alps. The catchment area in the Jungfrau region lies at about 4,000 m (13,124 ft) above sea level; the glacier cave in the Massa gorge is about 2,500 m (8,202 ft) lower.

The Aletsch Glacier is the largest glacier in the Alps, with a length of 23 kilometers (14 miles).
The typical trademark of this glacier is the set of two medial moraines, which are the result of three smaller glaciers converging at the Konkordiaplatz, where the ice sheet is said to be 900 meters thick.
The three glaciers are the Aletschfirn, the Jungfraufirn and the Ewigschneefäld.
Another fourth glacier converges at the Konkordiaplatz, the Grüneggfirn, but being a much smaller glacier, its flow is dwarfed and obliterated but the sheer flow of ice coming from the Ewigschneefäld.

Jeju Island South Korea

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Jejudo is a volcanic island, 130 km from the southern coast of Korea. The largest island and smallest province in Korea, the island has a surface area of 1,846 sqkm. A central feature of Jeju is Hallasan, the tallest mountain in South Korea and a dormant volcano, which rises 1,950 m above sea level. 360 satellite volcanoes are around the main volcano.

The island contains the natural World Heritage Site Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes.Jeju Island has a temperate climate and even in winter, the temperature rarely falls below freezing point. The interest in Hallasan, Seongsan Sunrise Peak, and the Geomun lava cave system emphasized the value and importance of academic, cultural and ecotourism-related features. Thus, in June 2007, on the Natural section of the World Heritage Site, Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes were registered.

Jejudo or Jeju Island, also known as the “Island of the Gods,” is a popular tourist attractions for Koreans and many international visitors. It remains one of the top honeymoon destinations for Korean newlyweds. The island’s mixture of volcanic rock, frequent rains, and temperate climate, make it very similar to the Hawaiian Islands in the U.S. The island offers visitors a wide range of activities: hiking on Halla-san (South Korea’s highest peak), catching sunrises and sunsets over the ocean, viewing majestic waterfalls and lava tubes, Jeju Loveland, riding horses, or just lying around on the sandy beaches.

Sculpture park

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Artists understanding of how objects occupy and define space, together with 500 acres of varied landscaping, makes for an “incredible international gallery for modern and contemporary sculptures that challenges, inspires and delights”.
Yorkshire Sculpture Park is situated in the 500 acre Bretton Estate at Wakefield in the county of Yorkshire. Designed in the 18th and 19th centuries, the landscape has topographical height variations of over 21 metres (66 feet) and has a mixture of woodland areas, water, formal gardens and open spaces (as well as four indoor galleries) It is this variation that creates a rich environment for some of the best contemporary sculptures created by international artists.

Great barrier Reef Australia

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The Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven wonders of the natural world, and pulling away from it, and viewing it from a greater distance, you can understand why. It is larger than the Great Wall of China and the only living thing on earth visible from space.

The Great Barrier Reef is the world's largest coral reef system composed of over 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands stretching for over 2,600 kilometres (1,600 mi) over an area of approximately 344,400 square kilometres (133,000 sq mi).  The reef is located in the Coral Sea, off the coast of Queensland, Australia.

Great barrier Reef is the largest collection of coral in Australia. Amounts to 400 species of corals. Extends for 3,000 km near the coast of Queensland. It is estimated there are 1,500 species of fish live there. 
His condition is very beautiful. That said, the existence of these reefs have been around 25 million years ago.

Ayers Rock 'Uluru' Australia

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Ayers Rock is also known by its Aboriginal name 'Uluru'. It is a sacred part of Aboriginal creation mythology, or dreamtime - reality being a dream. Uluru is considered one of the great wonders of the world and one of Australia's most recognizable natural icons. Uluru is a large magnetic mound large not unlike Silbury Hill in England. It is located on a major planetary grid point much like the Great Pyramid in Egypt.

 Uluru is an inselberg, literally "island mountain", an isolated remnant left after the slow erosion of an original mountain range. Uluru is also often referred to as a monolith, although this is a somewhat ambiguous term because of its multiple meanings, and thus a word generally avoided by geologists. The remarkable feature of Uluru is its homogeneity and lack of jointing and parting at bedding surfaces, leading to the lack of development of scree slopes and soil. These characteristics led to its survival, while the surrounding rocks were eroded. For the purpose of mapping and describing the geological history of the area, geologists refer to the rock strata making up Uluru as the Mutitjulu Arkose, and it is one of many sedimentary formations filling the Amadeus Basin. 

Uluru is a sacred site for indigenous Anangu people. Local residents asked people not to climb the rock monolith 450 kilometers southwest of Alice Springs, Kata-Tjuta National Park Uluru. It has an area of ​​approximately 9.4 kilometers. Its presence is becoming increasingly popular with the color changing monolith.

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Saint Roch Church Portugal

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Saint Roch Church is located in Lisboa Portugal and has a deceivingly plain exterior designed by Filippo Terzi. He also designed the Sao Vicente which lies just outside the Alfama quarter. The history of the church is intriguing. St Roch used to lie beyond the walls of Lisboa Portugal in the 16th century cut-off from the rest of the city. It acted as a burial ground for those killed off by the plague because of it’s isolated situation behind the great walls.

The chapel was originally designed and built in Rome in 1742. It took eight years for St. Roch to come to fruition. It was built from some of the most expensive materials found at the time such as alabaster, jade, agate, amethyst and marble. After being blessed by Pope Benedict XIV St. Roch was disassembled and shipped over to Lisbon in pieces.

Shipping the pieces of the Portugal church in it’s entirety cost a fortune but it managed to arrive safely and Saint Roch Church was re-assembled in 1747. The Museu de Sao Roque is adjacent to Saint Roch Church and contains odd chests, devotional items and paintings from the 16th and 17th centuries.

Jesuit preferences are what kept the exterior of the church so plain but the interior is beautiful. When visitors enter the Portugal church there is a lot of space that is adorned with decorations in homage to royal patronage. There is a blend of tile paneling, gold leafing and marble that adds to the scenic impression. The works inside bear significant artistic value and quality such as the Conimbriga ruins do for the Romans. The interior is exceptionally defined when the careful interior lighting is turned on inside the Portugal church.

Oceanario de Lisboa Portugal

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 Lisbon’s newest and most modern quarter of Parque das Nacoes is actually the most fitting for the Oceanario de Lisboa. This is one of the Lisbon sights that kids love best. Transportation to the Oceanario can be had by Lisbon’s convenient metro. Take the metro to Oriente, which is the red line, and walk through the Vasco da Gama shopping mall. Consider stopping on the way back for some great city shopping! Once through the mall turn right and continue walking for about five minutes until you arrive.

The cost is 9 Euros per adult, 5 Euros for seniors, 4.50 Euros for ages 4 to 12 children under 3 are free. Check prices before purchasing tickets as they are subject to change. Visit the Oceanario between 10:00am and 8:pm Monday to Sunday and until 7:00pm in the winter months. Dining is available at the café inside. Upon deciding when to go keep in mind that the early afternoon can be quite busy. Mornings are usually least crowded.

Visitors will be amazed as they wander through one of the world’s most famous aquariums. The aquarium is inhabited by over 16,000 plants and animals that represent over 450 distinct species. A journey through the Oceanario de Lisboa leaves visitors awestruck by the vast amount of amazing aquatic life. The different species can be watched from various levels to see the coastal and underwater habitats.

A unique feature of the aquarium is in the fact that each of the world’s four coastal habitats, with their distinct biotypes, are recreated in the Oceanario de Lisboa four corner towers. When combining these four elements, an ideal representation of the complete ocean environment is created. When at the Oceanario Lisbon shows a side that isn’t often seen. Creatures from its flourishing waters abound with underwater life from around the world.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

roppongi hills Tokyo

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Roppongi is located in the Minato Ward and is famous for its nightlife. The signature orange Tokyo Tower anchors the neighborhood where most of the bars, restaurants, and night clubs are, and provides an excellent point of reference as it is visible from everywhere. If you have visited Tokyo Tower, you will find many options for Roppongi nightlife only about a fifteen-minute walk away.

Off and on over the years, Roppongi nightlife has had a more or less deserved reputation for the kind of crime that foreigner’s are prone to in large cities late at night when they have been drinking too much—wherever they are in the world. However, there are a large number of reputable places to spend your time safely partying, and some basic precautions will help keep you safe. 

The 2003 opening of the vast high-end, multi-use shopping, entertainment, and dining complex called Roppongi Hills has recently given the district some respectability. Additionally, there are some excellent luxury hotels, including the Ritz-Carlton and the Tokyo Prince Hotel located here.

The Gas Panic Roppongi is one of the district’s many clubs and bars that has contributed to the area’s unsavory reputation. 

The club has been raided for violating the sex and liquor laws of the country, as have other less savory clubs. This is actually a chain of nightclubs, and you can find a less boisterous one in the Shibuya District. Nonetheless, there are many reputable clubs, including the longstanding Hard Rock Cafe.

Some guidelines for enjoying Roppongi nightlife include simply using your common sense, as you would in any unfamiliar city. Don’t be coaxed into going into unknown bars with strangers you have met on the street, don’t carry valuables, and watch your purse. Women should not wander the streets alone after dark. 

In most of the clubs, the ground and first floors are places where foreign tourists can have fun; stay away from upper floors. Many clubs require a photo identification. Gas Panic Roppongi and a few other clubs have been known to require that you have a drink in your hand at all times, so watch your alcohol intake. Kabukicho, the notorious Tokyo Red Light District, actually poses more hazards for unwary tourists.