Sunday, 11 August 2013

Pula Arena Croatia

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Pula is one of Croatia’s many happily sleepy and perfectly enjoyable small cities. It is marked out from the rest, however, due to the magnificent arena that can be found here. For decades, historians, architects, and humble vacationers have made a beeline for the arena in Pula Croatia, which is the only surviving Roman amphitheatre that has all four side towers intact. The Pula Arena is thus a lasting testament to the mastery of Roman architecture. But this is more than just a historically important artifact: The arena at Pula is also a magnificent edifice that’s as pleasing to the eyes as it is interesting to the mind. Whether or not you’re interested in ancient architecture, the Pula Arena is a must-see attraction in Croatia.

Also referred to as the Pula Colosseum, the arena hails from the somewhere between the first and second centuries AD. Since then it’s gone through various renovations and structural changes; the amphitheatre began life as a timber construct, before being reinforced by stone sometime around the fifth century AD. The structure vacationers can see today is composed only of stone, and it’s remarkably well-maintained, given its age.

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