Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Semuc Champey

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Luckily, the beauty of Semuc compensated for the difficulty getting there. In total, our trip to the natural reserve required us to ride a: ferry, van, bus, and pickup truck. Getting from there to our next destination, Belize, added tuk tuk (Guatemalan taxi the size of golf carts) and propeller airplane to our modes of transportation.


At 7 a.m. the day of our trip to Semuc, we left San Pedro La Laguna on the banks of Lake Atitlan. The ferry dropped us in Panajachel, the port town that serves as Atitlan's hub. Along with our German sidekick, Wolfgang, who joined us on the bus to Antigua, we scheduled a 9 a.m. shuttle to Coban, seven hours north and the closest major town to Semuc. On the bus, we met Lutz and Ingo, two other German guys who became our travel companions for the next few days.

 Semuc Champey which means 'holy water' a pool composed of several small ponds. With the combination of a bright green color, has a small waterfall and accompanied by a variety of biological diversity and tropical forests flanking life. The pool of Semuc Champey flow slowly from a rocky plateau, river-Cahabon underground river located at the top of the pool, fused into a single flow along 400 meters down. The existence of cliffs and steep rocks and steep stream pool of Semuc Champey, making it more exotic and wild.

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