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48 - Greece, visiting Athens

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Athens is a magical city, mythological, philosophical, the birthplace of civilization and nowadays also a modern city with one of Europe's most exciting nightlife. Here you will find mild weather all year round, perfect for exploring the archaeological remains in the city, you will be spoiled by the choice of restaurants and foods and you will be able to stay at the best quality hotels in the city at a very affordable price.
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To talk about Athens is to talk about the cradle of democracy, the best known philosophers and some of the most recognizable monuments worldwide like the Acropolis were developed during the 5th century. You can walk from the heart of the city on Constitution or Syntagma Square to the Acropolis. Take your time, enjoy the sights on the way, stop at Plaka and have a well deserved lunch to gather forces for an afternoon in the Acropolis.

The heritage from Athens classical era is represented by a number of ancient monuments from which the most famous are:

- The Acropolis (450 - 330 B.C.) Built on top of the "Sacred Rock" of Athens, The temples of the Acropolis are some of most famous architectural landmarks of ancient and modern history. The Parthenon in particular is an international symbol of Greek civilization.

- The Athens Trilogy: the National Library of Greece, the Athens University and the Academy of Athens.

- Syntagma Square, the centre of Athens where you can see the Hellenic Parliament, formerly the King's Palace, built between 1836 and 1840 by King Otto. Around this area you will also find most official buildings.

- Numerous Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman monuments spread all over the city.

- The Plaka area where you will see the old town. Take the time to enjoy a meal in one of its numerous restaurants.

- The Panathenaic Stadion , built in a natural ravine. The construction of the original stadium is placed around 330 B.C. Destroyed by invasions and time, it was restored for the 1896 Olympic games.

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