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Blue Mountain region is a very famous mountain

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New South Wales is home to some of the most beautiful outdoor environments in all of Australia, and some of the state’s outdoor attractions are known as world-class in their appeal. Many of these outdoor adventures and experiences are best appreciated when traveling in a campervan. When you travel in a campervan you’ll be able to travel wherever you’d like in New South Wales and stay in or near any outdoor location you want to spend more than a single day exploring. And there are many, many incredible outdoor locations worth exploring for days at a time.

Some of the most incredible of all the outdoor locations in New South Wales worth checking out when travelling in a campervan are the Blue Mountains.

The Advantages of Exploring the Blue Mountains in a Campervan

The Blue Mountains offer one of the best possible locations to explore in a campervan because they lie very close to Sydney (about a 60 minute drive west of the city’s limits). Due to its proximity to Australia’s capital you will be able to quickly and easily drive back and forth between the wilderness and the country’s cosmopolitan center with ease, allowing you to stock up on supplies and get a taste of city life whenever you’d like, while affording the opportunity to retreat back into the “real” Australia at a moment’s notice. It’s common to find campervan travelers who split long stretches of time between Sydney and the Blue Mountains.

The Blue Mountains offer an incredible campervan exploration opportunity because of their proximity to Sydney, because of the large number of camping sites, and due to the sheer wealth of experiences awaiting the adventure-minded traveler.

What to Do in New South Wale’s Blue Mountains

It will take a lot of time to exhaust the sheer number of experiences you can enjoy in the Blue Mountains!

As you would expect, the mountains and their surrounding parks are home to a huge range of tours and trails to find your way through. These tours and trails can be walked, they can be cycled, and they can even be experienced from horseback. There are trails which you can off-road your way over, plenty of abseiling opportunities, and some of New South Wales’ best sites for rock-climbing and canyoning. Additionally the Blue Mountains provide access to plenty of eco-tourism experiences such as fishing, traditional camping and farm-stay opportunities.

If you’re more interested in cultural experiences than outdoor adventures you will still be able to find exactly what you’re looking for in and around the mountains. The Blue Mountains are home to a surprising amount of galleries and exhibition spaces, craft and antique stores, and many of the region’s creative professionals. Like many destinations popular with tourists and travelers the Blue Mountains also provide their share of spas, beauty salons, fitness centers, and other hubs for pampering and taking care of yourself while on vacation.

If you’re simply interested in exploring the region solo you’ll find plenty of wide open space to wind your way through. With a massive sandstone plateau, gorges over 750 meters deep, and the massive 1,215 meter high elevation of Mount Werong, the Blue Mountains offer a destination you can spend weeks and weeks exploring without scratching the surface. Transport around the area can add up if you are always taking tours so to save time and money, it is best to get your own vehicle to explore this vast mountain range. A campervan is the best option as you can have both your transport and your accommodation in the one vehicle and take your time getting around.

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