Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Visiting Ostia Antica Independently From Rome

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Ostia now sprawls over 10,000 acres around a main street that runs for more than a mile. It is still easy to imagine the site back in the days of the Roman Empire The countryside around the site is very flat and rural so there is little that is modern to detract from your experience. It is a very large site too, with some areas away from the main street overgrown with unkept paths and free access which sometimes gives a flavour of something much less visited. In some respects it's like a port version of the more famous Pompeii. Most of the site is row after a row of houses and apartments, mostly in a grid pattern off the main street.
For many the highlight most remembered will be the well preserved amphitheatre next door to the bar. There is a museum and modern restaurant and toilet block in the middle of the site but apart from this island the site is totally uncommercial. Like all ruins its hard for the layman visiting to see beyond the ruins and an audio guide (or even a personal guide) is a good investment from the ticket office to make sense of what you are viewing. It's quite a good site for kids too as there is lots of room to romp and explore. The site is exposed to the sun as well, and you will be exposed for quite a long time so do bear that in mind if you visit during the summer months. Opening Times, Admissions Ostia Antica Ostica Antica is open daily, current opening times and admission prices can be viewed at the Ostia web site link at the top of the page. If you are a senior or a child from the EU you will probably get in free. Audio guides in Italian, English and French are available at the ticket office. It's possible to reserve a guided tour from Tuesday to Sunday contacting the ticket office Ostia Antica Train Its very easy to visit Ostia Antica independently from Rome.

 A suburban commuter train service runs several times an hour to the coast and stops at Ostia Antica station. It starts at Ostiense which is twinned with the Piramide Metro station in the south-west of the city. The platforms are adjacent to the Metro station platforms and you just walk across directly to the train. The train ride is covered by the daily transport passes that covers Rome's Metro and bus public transport system. At Ostia Antica its then just a 5 minute walk to the fascinating Roman port ruins of Ostia Antica.

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