Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Tivoli Gardens - Copenhagen

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Tivoli, the old amusement park from 1843, is properly one of the most famous places to visit in Copenhagen. Inside the garden you’ll find the usual amusement park activities like wild and crazy rides, roller-coasters and merry-go-rounds – but also more quiet entertainment like the salt-water aquarium and the pantomime theatre with the stories about Columbine and Harlequin... The garden itself is also a nice place just for a walk; gorgeous flower arrangements, the lake, the Concert Hall, the beautiful Nimb building, the Chinese Tower – and happy people everywhere… I like to visit Tivoli on a lovely summer evening and finds the old garden especially beautiful after sunset when it is decorated with lights. Most of my visits are on Fridays because it is “Rock Night”! Every Friday at 10pm (during the summer season) there is a concert on “Plænen” in the centre of Tivoli. Mainly Danish artists, but international names sometimes also perform here (in 2013: Thirty Seconds To Mars (US) on June 21st, Editors (UK) on June 28th, and Afro-Cuban All Stars (CU) on July 5th). Please notice that the garden could be very crowded on a Friday evening…

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