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Alter Dom is one of the top attractions in Linz Austria

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Alter Dom is one of the top attractions in Linz Austria. A large baroque church, it was constructed in the late 1600s and is known in English as the "Old Cathedral." Another name that applies is Ignatiuskirche, which translates to the Church of St. Ignatius. Whatever you decide to call it, Alter Dom is not to be missed when making the rounds in Linz, especially since it doesn't cost anything to step inside for a look.

Boasting a relatively simple exterior, the Old Cathedral of Linz Austria gets more attention for its interior. Among the many charms found inside are pink marble columns and ornately carved choir stalls. Complementing these are a carved pulpit that is nothing short of spectacular, a high altar that features marble statues, and amazing white stuccowork that gives the place a very bright and airy feel. It is baroque in its true essence and can impress even the most seasoned of cathedral visitors.

Alter Dom is interesting for a variety of reasons. There's the ornate interior, of course, and while it is relatively simple, the exterior manages to please with its elegant nature. Also worth highlighting is the fact that Anton Bruckner served as the church's organist for twelve years. Bruckner, for those who might not be as familiar with the name, was born just outside of Linz proper in 1824. A famous Austrian composer, he passed away in Vienna in 1896. Every year in late September/early October, Alter Dom plays host to the Bruckner Festival, which honors the composer's life. It is a fantastic event for cultural enthusiasts, not to mention fans of classical music. Also worth visiting is the Brucknerhaus—a local concert hall known for its fine acoustics and brilliant design.

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