Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Schwerin Castle, Germany

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Schwerin Castle is a palace which is very beautiful because it is located in the middle of Lake Schwerin extraordinary once with a very special sight. This Palace is located in the city of Schwerin, the capital of Mecklenburg Western Pomerania, Germany.

 It is very popular with a very special Lake. For centuries it was the home of the dukes and Dukes of Mecklenburg and later Mecklenburg Schwerin. Currently serving as the seat of Parliament. 

Legend in the Schwerin Castle is haunted by the ghost of pint-sized named Petermannchen. Petermannchen is a friendly Spirit dressed in 18th century attire. 
This ghost wanders through the underground hallways, opening doors, and protect against any intruder who broke into the Palace. 
The origin of Schwerin in ancient times and as much as the history of the dark ages, in ancient times a large fortress by a bunch of Slavic-inhabited island in Lake Schwerin.

 The castle was finally destroyed, only to be rebuilt by the Germanic conquerors led by Henry the lion. 

Schwerin remained a Fort only until the 16th century when Duke Johann Albrecht decided to increase status. With the addition of bastions, a chapel, ornamentation and other comforts, the Fort became a very special Palace.

In 1913 the palace buildings were destroyed and nearly a third of the building. And a museum, and renamed the school to teach during the Communist from 1952 to 1981.

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