Monday, 29 July 2013

Soverign Hill, Ballarat Australia

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Soverign Hill, Ballarat is a city of gold in Australia from mid-year 1800 are re-cooked so that it becomes a famous tourist attraction which brings you into the past.

 Imagine the houses and shops in the old dirt road that traversed the people dressed in 19th-century model and train horses. You can do many things in here, follow school lessons of that era (even learned to write with a pen dipped), see how the ancient steam engine (which is still working perfectly), panning for gold in the river, the ancient bowling to see the camp of Chinese immigrants. 

Do not forget to taste the caramel fudge and lollipops are sold in a candy store on Main Street. If you want to test your skills panning for gold, do not try to Souverign Hill in the winter because the river water can freeze your hands.

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