Monday, 29 July 2013

Mykonos is a very beautiful in Greece

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Mykonos is a very beautiful island and one of the famous island in Greece with panoramic views of the beaches and towns are very unusual. The island attracts thousands of visitors each year.

 The island has a reputation as the place with the most beautiful in Greece and the Mediterranean. The island covers an area of 53.1 km2 and rises to an altitude of 351 meters at its highest point. Most of the indigenous population live in the largest city, Mykonos is located on the West Coast. The city is also known as Chora.

 The island has beautiful views with a very peaceful village, hundreds of small churches, windmills and some of the best golden sandy beaches in the Cyclades. And the island has much to offer here as information about villages, history, churches, museums. 

The island is very famous for its night life and many international celebrities visiting the Belitung each summer is very special indeed. And tourism is the main industry on the island. Through our site, the island is are operating since 1998 and provides excellent hotels and resorts. 
The beaches on the island is very beautiful and much preferred the visitors to sunbathe on the beach.

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