Monday, 29 July 2013

Washington and the American dream

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The United States of America is a place that many want to get to and this is due to many reasons. Traveling by car there you will see that the roads are the dream of any driver, especially those driving on the European roads. You will not see roads that have less than four driving parts for one way.

On your way there, taking the highway you can stop at the outlet and do some shopping. Entering in Washington you will see that it is not as easy as you may think, despite having a GPS. One street here bears a name until the half of the street and then changes the name and has another one and after a while it takes back the initial name. Theoretically it is rather simple, as the streets that are on diagonal bears the name of the American States, those from East to West have alphabet letters names and those from the north to the south have numbers names.

You can start your visit through Washington by going to the National Mall. This is an open air national park that starts with Lincoln Memorial and ends with the Capitol. This also comprises the West Potomac Park and the Constitution Gardens. Seeing the Lincoln Memorial you will be amazed of the magnificent construction and size. It is built in the style of the Greek temples and was built to honor the memory of the 16th president of the United States – Abraham Lincoln. It has almost 6 meters high and on the wall it is graved an epitaph in the memory of the president, written by Royal Cortissoz. It represents a symbol of the fight for the civil rights.

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