Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The Fountain of the Neptune in Rome

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Neptune fountain located in the old city center of Bologna and in addition to being a major tourist attraction in Bologna, Italy. Besides enjoying the fountain you can also sit around drinking coffee in one of the cafes nearby. This fountain has become a permanent feature of Bologna since the mid-16th century. Four cherubim and the sirens are located in four directions around a bronze statue of Neptune, representing the four corners of the earth. 

The Fountain of the Neptune in Rome, also known as the Fountain of the Boilermakers, is located at the northern extremity of Piazza Navona.
The work owns the design and the realisation of its tank to the same Giacomo della Porta author of the tank of the Moor Fountain at the opposite extremity of the square.

It reached the unification of Italy without any decorations, and therefore to give to the Fountain of the Neptune a stylish similarity with the other fountains of the area, a competition was issued in 1878 for the realisation of the monumental apparatus; such competition was won by Gregorio Zappalà and Antonio Della Bitta.

The first one realised the decoration complex based on the mythological theme of the "Nereidi with cupids and walruses", the second one realised the group of marbles "Neptune fighting with an octopus" that takes again the theme of the physical fight that already the Fountain of the Moro had with the fight between the Ethiopian and the dolphin.

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