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Russia Moscow Kremlin

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The main attractions in Russia inside the Kremlin include the Armory, the Patriarch"s Palace, the Annunciation Cathedrals, Archangel, and Assumption. The Church of the Deposition of the Robe, and the Ivan the Great Bell Tower are also must-sees during a visit. The Kremlin is the political, spiritual and historical core of Moscow. Embodying the true essence of the city the Moscow Kremlin is made of a group of buildings exemplifying a wonderful architectural array that paints a colorful picture of a long and captivating history. The mystic sanctuary was founded by Prince Yury Dolgoruky who constructed the initial building on the hilltop back in 1147 AD. Meaning citadel, castle, or fortress, the Kremlin Russia began to grow from its initial building. Development of the land surrounding the first building continued as the city of Moscow popped up all around it.

Officially named Kremlin in the early fourteenth century, the citadel was, by that time, seen as an important yet separate part of the city. A year later the Kremlin Wall was rebuilt with new material and oak towers. With a continued risk of fire damage, a new Kremlin Wall, made of white stone, was built around the entire complex by orders from Dmitry Ivanovich, Prince of Moscow in the mid fourteenth century. Today at the Kremlin Russia visitors can see eighteen distinct towers interspersing the wall and featuring vibrant green spires added during the seventeenth century. Topping the Kremlin Russia towers off are vibrant stars made of bright, ruby-red material, added in 1937.

In front of the protective walls of the Moscow Kremlin, visitors can see Lenin’s mausoleum and the mass grave of the Bolsheviks who died in 1917 in a torrid battle for the city. Graves belonging to many noteworthy Soviets and other notable individuals are also found onsite. The Kremlin Palace is the newest part of the complex and is composed of concrete and glass. It was finished in 1961, built during the Khruschev administration, for the purpose of hosting prominent individuals from the Communist Party. It is a magnificent piece of architecture and very popular during Russia tours. The Kremlin Palace houses a massive auditorium comprised of 6,000 seats and a stage once topped by a monumental likeness of Lenin’s head. The Kremlin Ballet Company uses the Kremlin Palace in present day for their performances.

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