Monday, 29 July 2013

Chinese bridges

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Another good reason to go to China is that it is in a never ending building, with very big construction projects such as, bridges, blocks of flats, railways, airports. The cities here grow, the deserts, the rivers, the mountains have been tamed and taught to live in direct contact with the human beings. This way, the image of the country changes not in years or months, but in weeks and days.shanghai
Everything here is at big scale – the Great Chinese Wall, the long cities that you cross for hours from an extremity to another, the big palaces with hundreds of rooms, the railways that are located at 5000 meters high, the sky scrapers districts, the never ending malls, the big plants and infrastructure.

A very good reason to come here is that original or not, brand or a craft, you can find absolutely anything you want here. The only thing that you need to do in advance is to look for the best places where to find what you want, as they are so many as you will do just this for weeks around. Therefore, just find the bazaars and the commercial spots that best suits your needs. The adventure of the shopping that you will feel here is without doubt an original one; you will buy things that you might not know exactly how they really look like.

Here you will learn the art of negotiating, as it really is an art. People enjoy negotiating and playing with the customers and financially speaking no one has anything to lose. The final discount is maximum 70 % in order that both parties are satisfied.

If you have trouble with your English language skills and you neither know their language, you should not worry, as people here smile politely when you talk. This will make you relax and you will finally manage. Despite of the fact that they might not have understood you, they at least nodded in approval and both of you are satisfied with the conversation.

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