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Piazza Maggiore is a square in the city of Bologna.

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The palace was built in 1245 as an extension of the nearby Palazzo del Podestà, which had proven insufficient for the exigencies of the Commune of Bologna. It was therefore initially known as Palatium Novum ("New Palace"). 

In 1200 the Commune expropriated several houses and churches in order to create today's Piazza Maggiore, thus laying the foundation for the first compound of palaces specifically built for public administrative functions: Palazzo del Podestà, di Re Enzo e del Capitano del Popolo. Palazzo Re Enzo, also called 'new palace' to differentiate it from the Podestà palace, King Enzo Palace was built between 1244-46 (at the same time than the palace of Podestà, or people's captain) as an extension of Municipal buildings.

 Just three years later it became the 'residence' of the King taken prisoner in the battle of Fossalta: King Enzo of Sardinia, son of Frederick II. 

Piazza Maggiore is a square in the city of Bologna. Piazza Maggiore as one of  major bologna tourist attractions was founded in 1200. 
This is one of the best squares throughout Italy. The square is surrounded by the Palazzo dei Notai, Palazzo d'Accursio, Palazzo del Podesta and the Basilica of San Petronio.

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