Monday, 29 July 2013

Palermo Sicily

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The historical center of Palermo is represented by the Quatro Canti Square. Here you will be able to visit the Royal Palace or the Palazzo dei Normanni. Nearby, the Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral can be seen.

The dimensions that this cathedral has are absolutely imposing. The cathedral is the biggest cult location from Sicily and its details should be seen from a close look in order to be appreciated at their true value. In this cathedral one can see a helio – meter, which was built 300 years ago and near it, one can find the only representation of a zodiac from a Catholic church. There is as well a bronze line called – La Meridiana, oriented from north to south, which mark on the floor the places where the sun light is found during the winter and the summer solstice.

The vast majority of the cathedrals here has over 1000 years old and is architectonic monuments under the UNESCO heritage. Another imposing one is the San Giovanni dei Lebbrosi Cathedral, San Giovanni del Ermitti Cathedral; both being full with believers and tourists.
There is even the Church of the Jesuits, the well known Chiesa del Gesu, which is overwhelming through the mingle of Baroque art and the Renaissance style. This church has been re-built after the bombardments that it suffered during the Second World War. The cathedral that is sacred to Saint Francisc de Assisi is a really impressive one, having a Gothic – Renaissance style. The Santa Teresa alla Kalska Cathedral was built directly over the palace of a Muslim that used to live here in the island. It exists since the 17th century.

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