Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Lovina , Sanur Beach

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 Lovina Beach

A restful tourist area west of Singaraja on the northern coast. This area is relaxed and hassle-free. The beaches are of black volcanic sand and a reef keeps any surf at bay. Or you can diving and snorkeling in the mirror smooth seas, and the dolphins that often race with the tour boats. The beach area consists of several small villages that seem to start where the last one finished, although they are all spread quite thinly along the long beach strip. 

You can also make day trips to the hot springs of Banjar, the West Bali National Park, to temples and various craft centers.

 Sanur Beach

With its white sand on the south and black sand on the north part, Sanur beach is a popular recreation site not far from Denpasar. Sanur is protected from the force of the ocean waves by a coral reef offshore, so the waves on the shore are rather small and gentle. This makes it an ideal place for a quiet family swim, wind surfing, boating and water sports.

 Its traditional culture is very strong, but it wears modern dress (except, of course, on ritual occasions). Among the Balinese, Sanur has a reputation for sorcery of a high degree, both "white" and "black". Sanur is famous for its white coral temples (Pura Segara, Pura Merta Sari). There are many small ones hidden away along the south beach. In December and January, watch the huge processions to the sea with purification ceremonies on the beach. There are often gamelan rehearsals in the evenings at the various banjar.

2.Sanur beach has long been a popular recreation site for people from Denpasar and elsewhere. The palm-lined beach curves from the Bali Beach Hotel toward the south, facing the Indian Ocean to wards the east. Sanur offers many good hotels, restaurants, shops and other tourist facilities. It is only a shot distance from Denpasar public transportation to and from the city are easily available until well into night. Offshore reefs protect the beach against the waves and make it popular for windsurfing, boating and other watersports.

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