Saturday, 27 July 2013

Lamberti Tower (Torre Lamberti)

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This is the highest tower of the Roman relics at Verona is completed in 1463. You can enter this tower and climb the 238 stairs. Do not worry, you and your partner can also climb the elevator that available. Arriving at the top of the tower, the beautiful scenery of Verona lie in front of you. Time to cuddle and kiss steal time with a partner.
The Tower of Lamberti is a Medieval Tower in Verona, 84 meters high, rising from Piazza Erbe in the old town. Its construction started in 1172 by the will of the family of the same name. In May of 1403 lightning struck the tower and only in 1448 began the restoration and elevation, which lasted until 1464.

Originally the tower had a lower height than today and the different ages of construction is still visible due to the different materials used. The large clock was added later in 1779.

On the top there are four bells in fundamental agreement (Sib2-d3-FA3-SIb3). The largest is considered one of the best of his era: it weighs 4215 kg has a diameter of 183 cm and was cast in 1557 by Bonaventurini. It was call Rengo to rally the city council and to call the citizens to arms. The name Rengo came from a place called arengo, where during the Middle Ages the assemblies were held, while Marangona came from marangon that in Veronian dialect means carpenter.

Excluding the telecompany towers in Italy, the Lamberti Tower holds the record for tallest building in the city Verona followed by the white steeple of the Cathedral high 74,9 m among the civil buildings following "Skyscraper" 52 meters tall.

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