Thursday, 25 July 2013

Avenue of Volcanoes Ecuador

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The Avenue of Volcanoes is a great place to add to your itinerary if you’re planning an adventurous trip to Ecuador. This valley between two major ranges of volcanoes stretches for more than 180 miles, and it provides endless opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, trekking, and more. People love Ecuador volcanoes not only for the activities they provide, but also for the scenery. Snow-capped mountains and lush valleys are a reminder that temperature varies greatly according to altitude. If you’re planning on doing some hiking here, remember to bring layers of clothing, rain gear, and good hiking shoes. 

There are a number of volcanoes and mountains that offer the perfect combination of a challenging hike as well as incredible scenery. Some of the top choices for travelers include Antisana Volcano, Illiniza Sur, and Sangay Volcano. These mountains attract both serious climbers and those looking for a pleasant outdoor experience. Whether you want to spend many days camping and trekking or simply want to spend a few hours hiking with an experienced guide, you will be glad you added Avenue of Volcanoes to your list of things to do in Ecuador. Located south of Quito, Avenue of Volcanoes is the long valley that stretches towards Cuenca. It is famous not only for its appeal to outdoor enthusiasts, but also because the twin mountain ranges contain nine out of ten of the country’s highest peaks. This area is also one of the most populous in the country, because Ecuador volcanoes have very fertile soil in the valleys. Here visitors can encounter traditional villages where the way of life hasn’t changed for centuries. If you’re more interested in driving than mountain climbing, the Pan-American Highway stretches the length of the valley, and from here you will see the snowcapped volcanoes along with fields filled with llamas and traditional haciendas.

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